At the time of the American Revolution, brave rebels crafted the two greatest political documents in history. The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution turned the world upside down by granting power to sovereign individuals rather than to politicians and bureaucrats. It was the most moral political upheaval ever. It enabled unrivaled freedom and prosperity for common people. For two centuries, the American flag waved proudly over the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Flash forward to today. What kind of country does that flag wave over now? The land of the free? The home of the brave? The answers to these questions should shake you to your core. The destruction of our Constitution has always been the nirvana of the Left. After all, it’s hard for Elites to exercise their elitism if we commoners are allowed to think and act for ourselves.

Let’s review how the Bill of Rights (the first Ten Amendments to the Constitution) is faring today.

First Amendment: Freedom of religion? We’re not allowed to attend church services. Freedom of the press? The mainstream media has become a mouthpiece of the leftist culture. Its primary role is to protect the Deep State, harass the President, and shout down dissent. Freedom of speech? If you promote a protest rally on Facebook, it will be censored. Freedom to peaceably assemble? We’re not allowed to assemble at all. Freedom to petition the government? It is an illusion, because governments have granted themselves dictatorial powers and suspended due process.

Second Amendment: The right to bear arms? This right is under ferocious assault in general, and the Covid-19 emergency has been used by various governments as a pretext to close down gun stores. The purpose of the Second Amendment is to protect all other rights in the Constitution from government usurpation. That is precisely why this amendment is in such jeopardy right now. The Elites fear this amendment more than they fear anything else. It’s what stops elitists from doing what elitists really want to do.

Third Amendment: Quartering of soldiers in our homes? Not yet, but the government has stuck its foot inside our doors to monitor our behavior, much like Big Brother in 1984. There have been discussions about forcibly removing people from their homes to quarantine them from their family members. If we don’t wake up, the soldiers will be coming into our homes soon, under one pretext or another. Just watch the videos from China that show it happening there. We’re told by the Elites that we must admire and emulate the “effective” authoritarian practices of that heinous totalitarian regime. But it won’t be the doors of the Elites that get banged down by soldiers looking to punish non-compliance. It will be yours.

Fourth Amendment: Unreasonable search and seizure? Governments are using drones, face recognition technology, and cell phone apps to monitor our compliance to their dictates. In other words, they are spying on us everywhere. They are encouraging our neighbors to rat on us by sending in pictures and texts to our overlords. They are proposing to establish invasive new surveillance technology to “trace” every citizen and gather our private medical records. We are crossing the threshold into a police state.

Fifth Amendment: Due process? The government has bankrupted small business, forced 30 million workers to become unemployed, and locked us into our homes, without a single one of us having any opportunity to disagree or without any access to due process. Confiscation of property? The government has spent $3 trillion dollars in the last two months for this emergency. The Elites will pay for that by confiscating your wealth, one way or another. Not their wealth. Your wealth.

Sixth Amendment: Right to a speedy trial? We have been locked in our homes without any trial at all. Unbelievably, criminals are being released from prisons to protect them from contagion, while innocent and honest people are being threatened with prison for violating the dictates of our overlords. People are being arrested for operating their business, surfing on an ocean, playing golf, , cutting hair, serving food, visiting their vacation home, gathering in a private barn, or for playing in the park with their children.

Seventh Amendment: Right to trial by jury? Our entire way of life has been squelched in just a matter of weeks. Not a single person voted on it. Not a single person had an opportunity to petition their government about it. Not a single person was granted due process before their freedoms and livelihoods were destroyed. If you fail to comply, you will simply be thrown in jail. By government agents with guns. Without a jury.

Eighth Amendment: No cruel or unusual punishment? What could be crueler than putting 30 million people out of work, many of whom were living paycheck-to-paycheck? What could be crueler than shutting down the economy, creating massive shortages of key commodities, and forcing people to stand in long lines for basic needs? This is what socialism feels like. Are we going to meekly accept it, here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?

Ninth Amendment: All powers other than those specifically granted to the government by the Constitution are retained by the people? Government has taken on the authority to command everything about our lives – whether we can go outside or stay indoors, whether we can work or not, whether we can gather or not, whether we can worship or not, whether we can protest or not. Our leader has even declared, “I have complete authority.” These last two months have recorded the most extraordinary political power grab since the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and the Maoist takeover of China. Our Constitutional protections are now cruel illusions.

Tenth Amendment: States rights? There is no such thing anymore. The bureaucrats and the politicians in Washington have claimed eminent domain over every resource, every decision, and every financial asset. They’ve invoked the War Powers Act to justify any action. The Federal Reserve, with its Quantitative Easing purchases of various debt instruments, is now the largest owner of real estate in America. Not only are the states being asked to sacrifice their Constitutional sovereignty to the federal government, people are increasingly being pressured to sacrifice their sovereignty to international dictates issued by U.N. agencies like the World Health Organization.

Some will tell you that these violations of our rights are necessary to save lives. They are not, because there is growing evidence that countries and states that didn’t lock down have roughly the same death rates as those that did. Some will tell you that this is temporary. It’s not. It’s been building for decades. The Elites are just brazenly taking their masks off now. And all of history tells us that once a government grabs power, we have to fight like hell to wrench it back. The elitist overlords will not surrender it without an epic battle. It’s easy for countries to acquiesce themselves into socialism, but they will have to eventually fight their way out.

The tactics used in this emergency will become the precedent for all future emergencies, real or imagined. Consider this: If our government becomes controlled by leftists after the coming election, what will stop the Elitists from declaring a Climate Emergency? Given the precedents set during the Covid-19 crisis, what would stop them from taking control of everything that they desire? Nobody stopped them this time.

Not a shred of the Constitution will remain when that happens. Not a shred of your freedom will remain when that happens. Not a shred of your wealth will remain when that happens. And not a shred of your courage will remain if you allow it to happen.

The Elites who orchestrated this national Covid-19 lockdown are pleased. Even they are surprised at how easily and quickly the masses surrendered their rights.

But maybe the whole story hasn’t been told yet. Maybe the spirit of the American Revolution is still alive here. Maybe the Elites will be surprised at how quickly and passionately we rise up to reclaim our birthrights of freedom, bravery, and individual sovereignty.

It’s up to us to decide that.

Wake up!

(Written by James Keena, author of the new novel “2084: American Apocalypse”, available on Amazon).