Trevor Loudon Foreword for We’ve Been Had

Foreword by Trevor Loudon

We’ve Been Had.

Just as citizen journalist and pamphleteer Tom Paine contributed mightily to the first American Revolution with his classic “Common Sense” and other tracts, a new generation of citizen journalists are stepping forward to fight the second.

There is no doubt that the United States of America is in the throes of a second revolution, or perhaps a third if you are willing to grant the Obama Administration’s headlong march to socialism that noble title. I prefer to call it a “putsch” or simply a power grab.

“America,” as we admiring foreigners know you, stands on the brink of destruction. President Obama and the radicals have swept through your country’s institutions, purging all that made you different in the world.

On the sidelines, we, who were brought up to appreciate the good that America has done for the world, stand in horror as your  “1960s generation” seems hell bent on transforming your country into a corrupt, politically correct, bankrupt, shadow of its former glory.

But that’s not the worst of it. Poverty has its upside, it builds character, and political correctness can be overthrown.  Given enough time, America could recover.

But, do we have time? Will America’s enemies in Moscow, Havana, Beijing, Tehran, Pyongyang and Caracas, stand idly by while the American economy grinds to a halt and your country is forced to retreat militarily from all corners of the globe?

When Roman military power collapsed, as a result of government excess and massive debt, did the Goths and Vandals patiently wait for Rome to recover? Our modern barbarians won’t either.

America IS the world’s last best hope for mankind. If you falter, we will all fail.

Therefore, as a New Zealander, I am grateful that citizen journalist Jim Keena has written this book.

“We’ve Been Had” is not just another Obama biography. It is a clearly written and concise overview of the movement that put Barack Obama in power. I can very confidently say that Barack Obama did not build a movement, a movement built Barack Obama.

Jim Keena has laid it all out for you. From his earliest days Barack Obama has been groomed to do big things. From his radical family to his childhood communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis, to his radical friends at Occidental and Columbia, and in Chicago, Barack Obama has been anointed by the political left to enact their agenda.

Jim Keena’s book gives you the facts, but much more importantly, it makes the connections. From the streets of South Chicago to the court of Emperor Soros the First, armies of dedicated leftists have worked tirelessly to put Barack Obama and his henchmen in the White House. Now they work tirelessly to irrevocably change your country and eventually our world, for the worse, much much worse.

America needs a change, a real change, a return to its constitutional roots.

That change is a brewing in “tea” pots across the land.  It is a race against time now. Either the TEA Party movement and the constitutionalists and patriots take America back and restore your Republic back to and beyond its former glory, or your country will sink into a black hole of poverty, fear and tyranny. That is the choice before you.

Change is needed. Hope is on the horizon. Millions of Americans are demanding the restoration of their Republic.

What is needed is for even more Americans to awaken. Read Jim Keena’s book and make sure your friends and relatives do the same.

The American Revolution would have failed without its Tom Paine. People will only become engaged when they understand the consequences, when they know full well what’s at stake.

The second American Revolution will succeed or fail by similar means. If enough information can get into enough hands, quickly enough, America will have a fighting chance.

Jim Keena’s book is a valuable contribution to that cause.

Trevor Loudon
New Zeal Blog, Obama Files and
New Zealand