The Shadow Coup

Most political coups are violent and visible attempts to overthrow a government. But the one occurring in America right now is unusual. It’s a methodical and non-violent shadow coup that has spanned four years. Despite its stealth, it is the harbinger of death for American democracy.

This four-year coup is a comprehensive attempt by the Democrat Party to remove a duly elected president without the involvement of voters. Citizens should be appalled by this if they value democracy, no matter where they fit on the political spectrum.

What is the nature of this coup? It’s purpose and identity will rarely be spoken aloud by the perpetrators, but their actions name it and define it. Following are some examples.

In the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, the Obama administration used the apparatus of the federal government to spy on the Republican candidate, to plant the seeds of false allegations that Trump colluded with Russia, and to entrap key members of his staff. Recently released documents from the secret House investigations illustrate the depravity of this subterfuge. There never was any collusion with Russia. The seeds of the allegations were planted illegally by Democrat operatives. In the words of their allied operatives in the FBI, Strzok and Page, “This is our insurance policy” against a Trump presidency. Is this how we wish our elections to unfold?

The Democrats holding power during the 2016 election cycle whitewashed the criminal acts of Hillary Clinton, despite obvious violations of law that included maintaining a secret server storing classified documents, deleting thousands of e-mails relevant to the case, and holding a clandestine meeting on an airport runway to unduly influence those entrusted with administering “justice”. Is this how you envision democracy in America?

Despite these deplorable actions, the Republican candidate won the 2016 presidential contest. That’s when the frustrated Democrat Party kicked the shadow coup into high gear. It was orchestrated by party operatives who refused to accept the results of the election as determined by millions of voters. They attempted to overturn those results at any cost to our democracy.

The shadow coup began even before Trump’s inauguration. Democrat operatives tried to coerce electors in the Electoral College to faithlessly change the electoral votes that were assigned to them by voters. The Democrats even tried to subvert the Electoral College entirely by attempting to convince states to proportion their electoral votes by popular vote rather than by the winner-take-all results of each state. In other words, despite the lawful election of President Trump by American voters, the Democrats tried to alter how the score-keeping was done after the fact.

When those assaults on democracy failed and Trump was inaugurated, the Democrat Party began a series of attempts to remove the president from office without the consent or involvement of the voters who elected him.

The first shadow coup attempt was the Muller investigation into the Russian Collusion hoax. After years of investigation, millions of dollars spent, and an enormous disruption to the American political system, the investigation found no collusion. Actually, recently released documents revealed the true nature of the hoax. Surrogates of the Democrats had actually seeded the hoax with false claims to justify improper FISA warrants. Astonishingly, the investigators knew this early on, but continued the “investigation” charade for years. The documents also revealed a level of dishonesty by the Democrats and the media that is at best stomach churning, and at worst a brazen effort to delegitimize American voters.

The second shadow coup attempt was the ill-fated Ukraine fiasco that resulted in the House approving articles of impeachment against the President. The articles were quickly dismissed by the Senate, thus exonerating the President. The failed impeachment effort was simply an attempt to cover up the true nature of the Ukraine mess, which was Joe Biden’s shady strategy to use the power and funds of the federal government to cover up an enrichment scheme involving Ukrainian oligarchs, Joe Biden’s son, and relatives of other influential Democrats.

The third shadow coup attempt was the character assassination of Justice Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings. This was an attempt not only to prevent the Trump administration from executing its Constitutional prerogatives, but also a coup against the civilized process of filling a Supreme Court vacancy. Ironically, the Kavanaugh hearings were the apex of the “Me Too” movement, while the treatment of the Tara Reade allegations against Joe Biden in 2020 will be the death of the “Me Too” movement. The blatant hypocrisy of how the two sets of sexual abuse allegations were treated by the Democrats and the media illustrate that the issue was never about protecting women, it was about executing the shadow coup.

The fourth shadow coup attempt was a leveraging of the Covid-19 medical crisis into a shutdown of the entire economy. While this was originally intended to be a very short lockdown to “flatten the curve”, it is now being absurdly prolonged – despite growing evidence that it is ineffective and perhaps even counter-productive — in order to destroy the President’s signature achievements, which included record-low unemployment, record-high GDP, and improved standard of living for hundreds of millions of Americans. It’s hard to dislodge an incumbent when the economy is roaring. Many Democrats fear that Joe Biden is a feckless candidate who is unlikely to beat Trump in 2020, so they know their only option is to drag out the lockdown, collaborate with the media to drive fear and angst into the American public, and push the economy into a prolonged Repression. This may or may not hurt President Trump, but there is no doubt that it is devastating millions of workers and thousands of small businesses.

The fifth shadow coup attempt was a concerted effort by the Democrats to influence upcoming elections by flooding the system with new voters who are currently ineligible. This included efforts to grant voting rights to convicted felons, to obstruct the purging of fraudulent or obsolete registrations, to lower the voting age to 16, to encourage the influx of undocumented foreigners, and to encourage mail-in voting. One way to ruin a democracy is to diminish the value of the legitimate vote of each citizen with a tidal wave of invalid or suspect votes.

The sixth shadow coup attempt was the four-year effort to politically assault Trump in every manner possible. This included daily torrents of negative press by the mainstream media and tidal waves of brazen lies and disinformation by Democratic operatives. It also included efforts by the Big Tech allies of the Democrats to suppress free speech in social media, to squelch the search engine results of information favorable to Trump, and to assume the mantle of Sole and Official Arbiters of Truth. The political dialogue in this country hasn’t been so toxic and confrontational since the Civil War. The attacks on Trump have become absurd. The Speaker of the House theatrically tore up his speech during the State of the Union address. The president was accused of “doing nothing” to address the Covid-19 crisis, despite invoking the War Powers Act, spending trillions of dollars, mobilizing the National Guard, using the Army Corp of Engineers to build emergency hospitals, shutting down incoming travel from infected countries, establishing a high-powered Task Force, and clearing away regulatory obstacles to promising medicines. His “doing nothing” was actually the most prodigious mobilization of American national resources since World War II. George Orwell in “1984” envisioned only a daily two-minute hate of political opponents. Now, Democrats and their allies are spewing out 24/7 political hate.

The seventh shadow coup attempt was the Democrat Party’s most brazen of all. The party attacked the democratic process in their own presidential primary! Actually, their 2020 shoving to the side of Bernie Sanders in favor of Biden was a repeat of their shoving aside of Sanders in 2016 in favor of Hillary Clinton. Earlier this year, when it became apparent that Sanders had taken a commanding lead prior to Super Tuesday and that Biden was nearly politically comatose, the party operatives rallied to encourage most of Biden’s competition to drop out of the race. Simultaneously, mainstream Democrat leaders suddenly endorsed Biden. A week later, Biden went from “DOA” to “front-runner”. This lack of democratic integrity should stun and offend every “Democrat”. Their party essentially worked behind the scenes in two successive presidential elections to make their individual primary votes irrelevant. But the end justifies the means in the midst of a coup, apparently.

The Democrats certainly have every right to disagree with the president’s policies and actions. That is the nature of political discourse, and is to be expected and even encouraged in a vibrant democracy. But when that discourse is no longer arbitrated honestly in the court of public opinion or in in the Halls of Congress, and when it becomes simply an attempt to remove a president — at all costs, against all norms, and in contradiction to the expressed will of millions of voters — it is a mortal affront to all Americans who love our democracy.

Regardless of whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, a liberal or a conservative, a lefty or a righty, there is one sacred thing we all hold in common, which is our American experiment in democracy. It was perhaps one of the most blessed political gifts ever bequeathed to humanity. If the four-year shadow coup by the Democrats is rewarded at the polls in 2020, then we will usher in a permanent toxicity in American politics that will bring our experiment in democracy to a dismal end. Rewarding the perpetrators of the shadow coup with votes will only result in encouraging such tactics to be used forever. Our government will then enter into a state of Permanent Coup, with unending spying, investigations, accusations, lying, subterfuge, and political guerrilla warfare.

The losers of that Permanent Coup won’t be the political parties and their candidates. Far too many of them actually enjoy the mud wrestling and the mutual debasement that would come with it. They are Elites who are grandly compensated for foisting such disasters on us, and who are immune to the negative consequences.

The real losers will be the rest of us.

Vote wisely in 2020.

(Written by James Keena, author of the new novel “2084: American Apocalypse”, available on Amazon).