Elitist bureaucrats desire control of our minds and bodies. They’re convinced that their credentialed elitism is superior to the desires and choices of everyone else. Their state-administered education, their state-controlled media, their state-dispensed safety nets, and their state-managed economy are all societal umbilical cords chaining everyone to a bureaucratic placenta.

The result of this forced imposition of the Administrative State is absolute dependency. When people aren’t allowed to act and think on their own, when they’re excused from securing their own basic needs, and when they aren’t held responsible for the consequences of their decisions, the result is personal deterioration. Adults regress back to childhood as bureaucrats smother them like overprotective helicopter parents.

The result? Millions of American adults have become perpetual children who are incapable of caring for themselves. They’ve become addicted to irresponsibility and short-term gratification. They know games but not work. They know hedonism but not investment. They know fun but not happiness. They know victimhood but not success. They know slogans but not truth. They know pop culture but not morality. They know fantasy but not cause and effect.

They’ve been coerced into a psychological Neverland. The state is their Peter Pan, and they’re the Lost Boys wallowing not in fantasies of mermaids, fairies, and pirates, but in the mind-numbing delirium of
television, video games, social media, porn, drugs, and handouts.

The elitist philosophy of child-like dependence on the state is a powerful opiate that spawns destructive delusions. The elitist myth is that unseen fairies and elves will magically provide life’s necessities without any personal effort. It’s the biggest of all the Big Lies because entropy continually erodes buildings, roads, cities, cultures, and the human body. The challenge isn’t to figure out how to divide things up equally, as if goods and services magically appear out of thin air. The challenge is to figure out how to continually create and renew things. Entropy is always the enemy, and the Administrative State abets it.

The backbone of society is crumbling. The black hole of bureaucratic dependency is devouring competence, achievement, and self-esteem. It’s a spiritual suicide. Is it any wonder that so many modern Lost Boys are remorseless psychopathic thieves and killers, or suicidal?

(Excerpted from James Keena’s new novel “2084: American Apocalypse”, available on Amazon).