Inside the smallest emotion

Inside each mental notion

Inside every fleeting second

Huddles the frightened child within


It fights, when there’s no battle to wage

It fears, when there’s no call for courage

It doubts, when hope floods each moment

It cries, when life is full of enjoyment


The child hides in adult disguises

Protected by conditioned reflexes

Wearing masks of social pretension

Pretending with aimless ambition


But if I look through your tinted window

Deep into the bared essence of your soul

I am certain that I will find there quivering

A child for forgiveness forever yearning


But what grievous fault must be forgiven?

What evil haunts the innocent child within?

T’is no sin in the dance of life to falter!

T’is no crime in the dark forest to blunder!


Children on the same dark journey, all of us

Seeking elusive answers out of mystifying chaos

Each of us defenseless, confused, and humble

Earning nothing but fear and pain as we stumble


The lesson you must learn, my dear belle

Is that nothing separates heaven from hell

But the courage to forgive sins, large and small

And to forgive yourself, most important of all