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“As Chesterton told us, life glitters like a diamond, but is as fragile as glass. Glitter or break. It’s your choice. It’s the only real freedom that you have.” ~James Keena


speaker bio

Jim Keena is an author of critically acclaimed books and commentaries.  He is also an educator and activist committed to defending individual freedom.

Jim has been featured on radio programs in cities across America, including Los Angeles, Tampa, Chicago, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Dallas, Phoenix, and Cincinnati.  He is frequently the featured speaker at political rallies, town hall meetings, and educational seminars.  His commentaries have been published in numerous nationwide journals.

Prior to his career as an author and a speaker, Jim was a C-level executive in the computer and automotive industries.   He graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Economics from the University of Detroit.  He is married with eight children and 20 grandchildren. 

His mission as a speaker is to inspire, educate, and challenge his audiences.  Check out the feedback from his enthusiastic audiences!

Here are the most requested topics for his speaking appearances.

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speaking topics jim is most frequently asked to speak about

The Problems with Socialism

The Importance of the Electoral College

The Power of Capitalism

The Nature of Morality in a Free Society

Separation of Church and State

Limited Government and States' Rights

What Makes America Unique

The Roots of the Differences Between the Right and the Left

what people are saying

“We’re so excited that you’re going to speak with our group again!  Your last presentation on Socialism was a huge hit.  It was so informative and engaging.  It was the best presentation ever given to our group.”

Grace M.

“Thanks for speaking at our Independence Day event!  You really stood out as being excellent.  You soared above the other speakers as if you had the wings of an eagle!  Your delivery was superb.  People connect with you, Jim.  You were very statesmanlike.  Great job!  If you were to run for office, I would be the first to sign up for your campaign!”

Maribeth S.

“Your speech was beautiful.  The Damascus Road reference was quite stunning.  It was like a shotgun going off in the middle of the night, waking people up from their sleep.”

Marco L.

“I admire the clarity of your thought and the absolute beauty of your style.  It was like a beautiful chord of music.   Thanks for the uplifting!”

Jack B.

“Just wanted to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come to Rockwood to do our seminar.  Your presentation amazed me!  You have a very detailed grasp of your subject, and the people I talked to were equally impressed.  Please keep up the good work.  We hope to have you back sometime.”

Shirley B.

“We so appreciate you braving the wind and the cold to deliver your great message!  Your dedication to the cause is amazing.  I read a saying take from Scripture the other day:  “May you never tire of doing what is right.”  That is my wish for you.”

Danette L.

“I have been bragging so much about your wonderful presentation on ACORN to all of my friends, so now they would like to hear it.  Would you consider making another presentation at our “Fix Michigan” Center?”

Amy C.

“Your speech on Saturday was very profound.  It was well organized and well-articulated – I was both frightened and moved.  It very concisely drew the entire picture about the grim future of this country if things don’t change.”

Karen B.

“Everyone that heard you talk at our meeting came way impressed, better informed, and SCARED.”

Deb O.

“Dear Mr. Keena:  Thank you so much for taking time from your busy schedule to speak to our group.  We have heard many positive comments about your presentation.  It was most informative and maddening!  We would love to have you return for a book signing when your next book is available.  It is most troubling to see what is happening to our country, but thanks to good people like you, we fight with knowledge.”

Lapeer County Tea Party team

“Jim was a great guest on our radio show.  We have had so many phone calls since he was on.  Thanks a million!  Please send us six signed copies of his book, and we will use them for promotional giveaways on future shows.”

Terri L.