Reader Reviews for We’ve Been Had

“Some years ago I ran for the U. S. House of Representative and I thought I was still reasonably well aware of the goings-on in the political world around me. As it turns out I did not have a clue! Not then. Not now. Mr. Keena’s book is without question the most unsettling work I have ever read. If he is to be believed our era of freedom has already ended. The question now is what can be done to regain it and who among us is willing to do the heavy lifting that will be required?”

William on Amazon

“’We’ve Been Had’ is an outstanding account of the radical forces that forged Obama’s philosophy and helped elevate him to the Presidency.  The book not only dissects Obama’s philosophy and actions, it provides an invaluable historical account of how decades of radical infiltration in our society converged in 2008.  It also presents an assessment of what the future in America will be like if Obama’s policies hold sway.  A powerful read that is difficult to put down.”

Dallas on Craigslist

“I purchased your book at a meeting where you spoke.  What a fantastic presentation of the current administration!  As we were driving home from the Glenn Beck rally in Washington, I gave the book to a friend we were riding with.  She started reading it aloud in the car.  Everyone was amazed at the amount of documented information and the wonderful way it was written.  She read, and we discussed, the whole ride home.  Her husband was so impressed he ordered five copies of the book to give to his friends.  Thank you so much for the great book!!  It was a real eye-opener.  I am so happy to have the information I have been hearing explained in such a succinct way that can be shared with others.”

Diane H.

“This is an outstandingly well-researched book, and I highly recommend it. Jim Keena has managed to unravel many of the layers of deception that made Obama’s presidency possible.”

FrdmLvr on Free Republic

“This book puts together all the ugly details of an administration with an agenda that cares not about what the majority of the folks in this country wants. We’ve been had because this certainly is not the kind of ‘change’ we voted for!”

Jimbo on Amazon

“WE’VE BEEN HAD” by James Keena is a concise, no nonsense, well organized book, written by a concerned citizen, not a famous name or face, but someone who did the research because of his inquiring mind, as an engineer who started asking questions. I was searching for information and I found much of it here. The author did the work for us. I checked some of the references and found them to be accurate. This person in the white house was an unknown. His past was deliberately changed or hidden. That is strange all by itself considering a person running for president. Looking at history, this won’t be the first time people in Washington had personal alternative motives. James Keena’s book is a book of common sense and keeps one on an even keel considering some of the illogical worshiping of this person in power right now. Thanks Mr. Keena.”

Jessie on Amazon

“A must-read for any voter. When taken alone, many of the incidents detailed in this book are not much of a cause for concern. However, when taken as an aggregate, a clear and alarming pattern emerges. Anyone who is considering voting Democrat this fall (as I was) should read this book and think carefully about what implications that will have for the future of this country.”

Patrick on Amazon

“Just got my copy of ‘We’ve Been Had’. Have not put it down. I can’t wait for James Keena’s next book. Could very well be “I told you so”!!!!”

Dennis on Amazon