Outcast Island

A courageous rebel, a captivating heroine, and a charismatic pirate make Freedom’s last stand.

Outcast Island

In a dystopian world in the iron grip of elitist tyranny, rebel John Paine is exiled to Outcast Island, a devil’s den of criminals and dissidents. 

Caught in harrowing conflicts between warring factions, John forges alliances with fellow outcasts yearning for freedom, including escaped slaves, fearless female warriors, a couple of wizened sages, and an audacious pirate and his witty parrot. 

John leads his allies against the chaos and brutality on Outcast Island in a bold quest to establish a society founded on morality, peace, and prosperity. Lurking in the shadows, however, is an international cabal manipulating events on a global scale. 

Can one man’s unwavering courage become a beacon of meaning and hope in a dark world lost in conformity and subservience? 

This page-turning prequel to Book I promises to enthrall both teen and adult audiences, blending elements of suspense, adventure, and romance with profound philosophical undertones.