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“I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend your right to say it, to the death. ~Patrick Henry

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About James Keena

Jim is an author, educator, and activist committed to defending individual freedom.  He frequently speaks at town hall meetings and seminars.  His mission is to inspire, educate, and challenge his audiences.

Jim has written three books:

  • An epic dystopian novel titled “2084: American Apocalypse”
  • A non-fiction warning to the middle class titled “We’ve Been Had”
  • A political satire titled “Insurrection Resurrection”

Prior to Jim’s career as an author and speaker, he was a C-level executive in the computer and automotive industries.  He graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Economics from the University of Detroit.  He’s married with eight children and 20 grandchildren.


If you are interested in having me speak at an event, please check out my Speaking page.

If you are interested in setting up an interview or inviting me as a guest on your show, please contact me via e-mail.  Please check out my About page for biographical information.  For your convenience, here are some suggested topics, angles, and interview questions.             


Desperate parents race to rescue their two kidnapped children on a perilous chase across a country at war with itself. They get unexpected help from a heroic band of diverse gypsies led by an elderly sage and his adopted daughter, a dauntless young woman with a horrifying past. They encounter sinister, violent factions controlled by a shadowy international cabal that is seeking to destroy a mysterious society of avenging rebels led by a daring visionary. The family’s saga becomes a startling, twisting, gut-wrenching intrigue of tragedy and treachery that draws their friends and foes into an epic confrontation. It climaxes with an apocalyptic decision that will determine the fate of an apocalyptic world.

Welcome to America in the year 2084 and a timeless tale of social and political turmoil, personal epiphanies about the meaning of life, and the real possibility of hope for the future.

Interview Angles, Topics, and Questions

Compare the merits of Capitalism versus Socialism

Assess the importance of separation of Church and State

Are people naturally rugged individuals or social creatures?

What is the nature and source of morality?

What does the future of America look like to you?

What is the biggest issue in America today?

Discuss how you blended concepts from the eastern part of the world into your novel

Discuss the significance of Karma at the levels of the individual, interpersonal relationships, and society

Who has had the most influence on you in terms of philosophy?

What inspired you to write this novel?

Discuss the pros and cons of free markets

What is the key for creating a peaceful world?

Explain the significance of your motto “Neither coerce nor be coerced”

Why did you write that freedom and bravery inseparable?



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What people are saying about 2084: American Apocalypse

“I couldn’t put it down!  It’s excellent.  To those who haven’t read it, you’re in for a treat.  The author weaves excellent treatises on freedom, individual sovereignty, and libertarian philosophy into a compelling ‘never-gets-boring’ mystery adventure that drives the reader forward. The author really has a potential classic here.” 

~Thayrone X, host of WAAM radio’s “On the Edge”  

“Great read.  A well written , action filled novel with loads of philosophy thrown in. One gets caught up in the lives of the characters. The necessity of deep thinking and soul searching is real.” 

~Irene W., Amazon reviewer

“There is some really good writing here.  I really like the premise: using an action-adventure-mystery-quest plot set in a dystopian future to highlight some of the greatest thinking from the past. A dystopian future is the perfect setting in which to show through the human condition the validity of certain philosophical, political, and religious thoughts. Chaos and hard times have a tendency to bring clarity.  I love that idea.  And Mr. Keena is an excellent writer who can paint vivid images with prose.”

~Brian A., literary reviewer