1. Established government czars to run private sectors of the country.  In major bankruptcy cases, he rewarded political patrons who were unsecured creditors (e.g., labor unions) by moving them ahead of secured creditors (bondholders).  He arbitrarily closed independent, successful car dealerships.  He established compensation levels for private citizens in certain industries.
  2. Federally funded partisan political groups.  He gave federal stimulus money to groups like ACORN, who lobby for a single political party and who gather fraudulent voter registrations that make a mockery of our democracy.
  3. Declared the very breath of American citizens to be an environmental pollutant.  He declared carbon dioxide, the gas that we exhale and the gas that is the very “food” green plants use for photosynthesis, to be toxic to the planet.  He created bureaucracies and new taxes to “save” us from this horror.
  4. Evangelized a secular state religion.  He imposed a one-party dogma, which includes the supremacy of the state over the individual, unionism, radical environmentalism, and socialism, on public school students.  He proposed to expand this indoctrination program by publicly funding zero-to-five education and youth service camps.
  5. Abdicated the federal government’s responsibility to protect U.S. citizens.  He neutered our secret service agencies during a period of extreme clandestine activity against our nation.  He telegraphed weakness and passivity to friends and foes alike.  He snubbed our historical allies and paid homage to enemies who had demonstrated a willingness and ability to inflict great harm on us.  He aided and abetted known enemies with taxpayer money.  He acquiesced as weapons of mass destruction were developed and deployed by rogue nations.
  6. Diminished the value and purpose of lawful citizenship.  He aided illegal aliens by granting them drivers’ licenses, free public services, and de facto amnesty.
  7. Violated the Tenth Amendment.  He empowered bureaucrats and politicians in Washington to dictate and regulate how governors run their states.  He transferred enormous wealth from financially prudent states to cover the reckless debts of profligate states held captive by favored special interests and public service unions who suckle on taxpayer dollars.
  8. Violated our right to free speech.  He used taxpayer money to support media that propagate his one-party dogma.  He bailed out failing newspapers in exchange for control over “editorial content”.  He proposed to implement rules and regulations that would limit the ability of media to voice opposition to the secular state religion.
  9. Violated our right to free association.  He proposed Orwellian legislation that would allow union thugs to intimidate citizens into joining organized labor against their will, without the protection of a secret ballot.
  10. Imposed on citizens a public debt beyond all comprehension.  He made eternal debtors out of current and future generations with public expenditures and obligations so enormous as to exceed the value of all assets in the country.  He destroyed our AAA credit rating, devalued our currency, drove interest rates up.  He laid the foundation for future inflation that will erode the value of our assets and investments.
  11. Appointed justices who will dishonor the Constitution.  He nominated two Supreme Court Justices who believe the Constitution should be interpreted with non-objective “empathy” based on certain “life experiences”, and who intend to legislate from the bench.
  12. Weakened our very right to life by nationalizing health care.  He proposed to insert the federal government in our lives as the agent that rations vital health care and, in effect, determines who ultimately lives or dies.
  13. Harassed citizens who were peacefully expressing fair-minded views.  He treat honest, hard working citizens as potential enemies of the state because they were expressing their commitment to their faith, to the Second Amendment, and to the general integrity of the U.S. Constitution.  He used the Department of Homeland Security to monitor these “extremists”, rather than to monitor activities of potential foreign terrorists.  He used the IRS to intimidate and harass these “extremists”.
  14. He transferred wealth arbitrarily and without regard to merit.  He established laws, tax policies, programs, and bureaucracies to arbitrarily and capriciously transfer wealth from citizen to citizen, from business to business, from state to state, from future generations to the current generation, and from taxpayers to the government.  He replaced meritocracy with political expediency, patronage, and systemic dependency.
  15. Violated the Second Amendment.  He proposed restrictions on the rights of citizens to bear arms and to protect themselves from foreign or domestic assaults on their property and their safety.