Who are we as a nation?

Are we for fear or hope?  Are we for mob rule or the rule of law?  Are we for free speech or the Cancel Culture?  Are we for the Bill of Rights or a heavy-handed Administrative State? Are we for Capitalism or Socialism? Are we for America First or the Global Elites of the New World Order?  Are we for group grievances, violence, and racial animus or are we for sovereign individuals united behind sacred principles?

This is a watershed election for America.  All of the chips are on the table.  There has never been a clearer choice because the current crises have ripped off all the masks.  Neither side is bluffing.  There is already blood in the streets.

We are going to find out who we really are in less than two months.  Every eligible voter in America has a part in this decision.  It’s time to stand up and be counted.  The alternative is surrender.

In that spirit, I’m standing up and sharing with the world eleven vital reasons why I’m voting for President Trump.


Reason #1: The Presidential Veto Power

The Democrats already control the House, and the Republicans hold the Senate by a razor-thin margin.  If the Democrats take control of both the House and Senate in 2020 or 2022, the only thing standing between us and a legislative onslaught of Leftist programs will be the ability of Trump to veto the corresponding congressional bills, assuming that he wins reelection.

If the Democrats control Congress, it is likely that Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will eliminate the filibuster in the Senate.  Then the Democrats could open the legislative floodgates without needing a single Republican vote.  If Trump is not in position to wield the executive veto, our country will be transformed almost overnight.

What’s on the Democratic agenda?  Medicare for all.  The Green New Deal.  Free college education.  More restrictive gun control.  Reparations for slavery.  Open borders.  New zoning regulations in the suburbs to limit single-family homes.  Relaxed voting standards that increase the risk of fraud.  Bailouts of insolvent Democratic cities and states.  Free health care for illegal immigrants.

There is no end to wish lists compiled by people who like to spend your money and take your rights away.  President Trump’s veto pen may be the only thing left for a while to protect our wallets and the U.S. Constitution.


Reason #2: Federal Judges

Federal judges at all levels hold their positions for an average of at least two decades, which means that the vacancies filled by a President echo for a long time.  Federal judges play a vital role in protecting our rights and preventing Congress from acting outside its constitutional bounds.  Given the radical agenda that will be on the table if the Democrats take control of Congress in 2020 or 2022, the selections made by the President to fill federal judicial vacancies will be crucial.

President Trump’s earlier selections of Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh will help restrain a Democratic Congress if such comes to pass.  In the next four years, Justice Ginsburg’s fragile health makes it likely that there will be at least one more vacancy.  Her replacement will be pivotal in the tenuous ideological balance of the Supreme Court.

Equally important are the hundreds of lower-level federal judges.  The thousands of decisions made by these justices, who operate in relative obscurity compared to the Supreme Court, collectively establish the general ideological direction of the Judicial Branch.  Obama appointed roughly 300 federal judges in his eight years.  President Trump might surpass that number in his first term.  He has an opportunity if re-elected to dramatically tilt the ideological leaning of the federal court system.  This is vital for protecting what remains of our individual sovereignty and limited government, which are both under unrelenting attack by the Left.


Reason #3: Respect for Democracy

It is ironic that a political party called “Democratic” has waged such brutal warfare against democracy since the 2016 presidential election.

The Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign in 2016 in an attempt to entrap many of Trump’s key aides.  After Trump won the election, the Democrats tried to entice electors in the Electoral College to switch their votes, and then launched an assault on the very concept of the Electoral College.  All of those attempts failed.

Then the Democrats began a four-year effort to remove President Trump from his duly elected position.  This effort included the Russia collusion hoax and the related Muller investigation, the ridiculously partisan impeachment over the Ukraine hoax, the politicization of the Covid-19 crisis, and the fanning of racial unrest in urban areas.  The Democrats simply refused to accept that Trump won in 2016.  Their venal attempts to override the will of the voters is a remarkably elitist snub of average Americans.

During the 2020 campaign, their efforts to subvert democracy have continued.  They rigged the Democratic primary to scuttle Bernie Sanders’ campaign when he appeared in danger of winning, just as they did in 2016 to ensure Clinton’s primary win.  Just recently, Hillary Clinton publicly advised Biden to not concede the general election, no matter what.  Biden is hiding from the voters and may even skip the debates in an effort to conceal his radicalism, his fragility, or perhaps his past corruption involving close family members.

The Democrats are using other tactics to undermine democracy.  They are pushing to relax voter ID requirements which will lead to more fraud.  They’re pushing mail-in voting, which involves recklessly flooding the system with millions of ballots that are outside the chain of custody.  These uncontrolled ballots may be filled out by the wrong people or may be “lost” by people who wish to fraudulently manipulate the election results.  This has already happened in some local elections that have tried mail-in voting.  Here’s a public service announcement.  If you want to be sure that your vote gets counted, go to the voting precinct in person.

In light of these nihilistic attempts by the Democratic Party to subvert the democratic process, it seems almost immoral to reward them by voting for their candidates in 2020.  Their assaults on our fundamental right to election integrity should be punished at the polls, not rewarded.  Perhaps a resounding rejection of the Democrats this year will discourage both parties from using similar tactics in future elections.  If the Democrats win, the tactics will become commonplace because voters apparently approve of them.


Reason #4: Race Relations

The country has made substantial progress with race relations in the past century, and more remains to be done, but the Democrats have suddenly decided to drive a violent wedge between the races and polarize the country during this election.  Astonishingly, they are accusing Republicans of fomenting the hatred, even though it is glaringly obvious to even casual observers that it is the left-leaning media, cultural icons, and Democratic leaders who are spouting the racial hatred and stirring race-based group grievances.  It is glaringly obvious who is instigating the violence in the Democratic-run cities.  It is glaringly obvious which party is trying to leverage identity politics for electoral gain.

The Democrats are using thuggish, Orwellian tactics to cow an entire nation into submitting to their Leftist ambitions that they’ve disguised as solutions for a racial conflict that they themselves manufactured.  They are browbeating millions of Americans who are not racist into kneeling in ritual humiliation, paying reparations, and raising their clenched fists in virtue-signaling submission.  They’re leveraging the official BLM organization, which advocates a blend of anarchism and Marxism, to extort funding from corporate donors who are afraid of being boycotted or having their homes or facilities assaulted.  They’re supporting rioters and looters who are shouting “Death to America” and “End Capitalism”.   The “Donate” button on the official BLM website links to an ActBlue charity, which is essentially a funding organization for leftist Democratic candidates.

The Leftists accuse President Trump of being a racist, when the facts clearly show that he has done more than any other President in the last century in improve the situation for black people.  More than Obama.  More than Clinton.  More than Carter.  President Trump signed into law criminal justice reform, prison reform, opportunity zones, and additional funding for historically black colleges.  His economy fueled the lowest unemployment rates for African Americans and other minorities in history, along with substantial wage gains.  His administration supports school choice and charter schools, which are often the only options for educational excellence for minorities living in urban areas with dysfunctional public schools.

The Democrats are letting the cities that black people live in to burn to the ground and wallow in violence and hatred every night, just to falsely harm President Trump’s political image.  The Democrat leaders of these cities could stop the violence, but they won’t.  They could also accept President Trump’s standing offer to provide additional policing resources, but they don’t.  While President Trump wants to keep giving black people opportunities for jobs and improved education, the Democrats are willing to make black people suffer in order to create the illusion that Trump is the enemy of minorities.


Reason #5:  Biden is a Trojan Horse for the Radical Left

Joe Biden is a hollow vessel as a presidential candidate.  He is well past his prime, and even in his prime, he accomplished little of note in his 44-year career.  His stump speech this year consists primarily of generic platitudes that all are versions of “I’m not the Orange Man”.  He has already lost twice in his career running for president, and was losing badly to Bernie Sanders in the primary this year until the DNC orchestrated his resurrection.

His only function in this election is to be a political Trojan Horse.  Hiding inside his hollow “moderate” campaign are the radicals who are really in charge of the Democratic Party.  The Leftists are hiding their real ambitions by riding the tired wooden horse named Biden into the general election, knowing that if his illusory moderation beats Trump, they can unleash their radical ambitions from inside his creaking frame to transform the nation starting on 1/20/2021.

The prime-time speeches at the Democratic convention were disarmingly moderate.  But the working sessions and speeches during the day, when the network TV cameras were off, were a radical stew of Marxist economics, identity politics, and hatred for American traditions and institutions.  Sanders, in his speech endorsing Biden, confessed that after Biden wins there will be a free-for-all as the Leftists push Biden aside and grab the reins of power.  Pay close attention to who they picked as their vice-presidential candidate, because she will likely become President sometime during Biden’s administration.  Kamala Harris is a polarizing politician with a very thin resume.  Her most important qualification in this Trojan Horse arrangement is that she was ranked as the most liberal of all 100 senators in 2019 by GovTrack.  She will leverage her ideological extremism to orchestrate a Leftist revolution in America.  If Biden wins, prepare yourself for AOC to radically re-engineer our country as your Climate Czar.


Reason #6:  Protecting our Institutions and Traditions

Protecting the Constitution and the traditional institutions of America is not on the agenda of the radical Left.  This was made clear by the extremist pronouncements from the Squad and their fellow radicals, by the working sessions at the Democratic convention, by the historical revisionism of the 1619 Project, and by the politicization of racial tension.  The leftists pursue legislative, administrative, and judicial end-runs around the Constitution.  They advocate policies that lead to the destruction of the nuclear family, the suffocation of our energy supplies, and diminished work ethic and personal responsibility.  Their overriding desire is to destroy capitalism.  They aren’t just tearing down statues, they are tearing down our entire culture.  They are cancelling everything about our society that we hold sacred.

What do they intend to replace America’s traditional culture with?  They will proclaim some fuzzy, virtue-signaling words about equality, fairness, and social justice.  But if you listen closely, their real intentions emerge.  They want to confiscate wealth they didn’t earn.  They want to ascend to positions they aren’t qualified for.  They want to be granted privileges that will only come at the expense of honest, hard-working people.  They want the power to tell us how to live our lives.  It will all be for their benefit, not ours.  They expect us to shut up and be their beasts of burden.

The whole purpose of the Cancel Culture is to make decent Americans live in fear of being fired, expelled, shunned, humiliated, and driven from society if we resist.  They are coercing us to surrender to their collectivist ambitions.  This is the tipping point that the Left has worked toward for the last fifty years, following the blueprint established by the socialist Saul Alinsky.  They need to tear down and destroy the institutions and traditions of America before they can move forward with their Progressive vision for a socialist utopia.  And they need to suffocate our instincts for independence, courage, hard work, and patriotism so that we will meekly submit.

There is one massive obstacle in their path right now.  His name is President Trump, who is inspiring a fiercely proud and determined army of patriots who refuse to surrender.


Reason #7: The Economy

A robust economy has been President Trump’s political calling card.  It’s hard to argue with the potency of his accomplishments:  Record low unemployment for almost every class of worker, record high stock market indices contributing to record growth in 401(k) savings, and significant wage gains for entry level workers.

President Trump’s administration accomplished this with major tax cuts, elimination of burdensome regulations, insourcing of production from abroad, cheap domestic energy, and business-friendly policies.

Incumbent presidents are difficult to unseat when the economy is booming, so the Democrats had to find ways to stop Trump’s economic boom.  This seems immoral, but the Democrat playbook is often unconstrained by ethics.  While the Democrats did not cause the Covid-19 virus, they certainly advocated for extreme lockdown policies that far exceeded the original two-week “flatten-the-curve” objective.  The extended lockdowns also defied all common sense, data, and science.  The craven desire by the Democrats to win the election by any means necessary has caused long-term unemployment for millions, the destruction of thousands of small businesses, disruption to the education of our children, and massive government expenditures to compensate for the damage to the economy.

If Biden wins the election, the Covid-19 virus will eventually go away, but the economic virus of the Left’s business-destroying policies will be here for years to come.  He has pledged a $4 trillion tax hike on American families that will suck up disposable income and stifle economic growth.  The Left’s draconian energy policies will starve industry of one its most essential commodities.  The Left’s open border policy will reignite a tidal wave of illegal immigration that will slow the growth of entry-level wages.  Biden’s long alliance with China will slow insourcing of manufacturing to America.  New regulations will stifle innovation and productivity.

If you like “Made in China”, higher taxes, cheap foreign labor, higher unemployment, lower 401(k) balances, higher energy prices, and lots of new entitlement programs, vote for Biden.  If you prefer prosperity and a booming economy, re-elect President Trump.


Reason #8: Security (Foreign Policy, National Security, and Public Safety)

One of the most fundamental functions of our government is to protect us from foreign and domestic harm.

Trump has relentlessly protected us from foreign harm.  Unlike his predecessors who wanted to appease the Global Elites of the New World Order, Trump has taken an aggressive America First stance.  Rather than starting wars, he focused on bringing troops home and ending wars started by others.  He expanded the wall on our southern border to slow the flow of human traffickers, terrorists, MS-13 gang members, illegal drugs, and illegal immigrants.  He convinced our NATO partners to spend an additional $130 billion for mutual defense.  He approved key pipeline projects to enable our energy independence, which reduces our entanglements in foreign quagmires.  He stood up to China and negotiated a more favorable trade deal to protect our industries and jobs.  He negotiated a more favorable trade deal with our North American partners to replace the job-killing NAFTA deal.  He brokered a peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.  He destroyed the last vestiges of the Islamic Caliphate and killed its founder, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  He eliminated the world’s number one terrorist, the Iranian General Qasem Soleimani.  Most importantly, he invested nearly $2.5 trillion to rebuild our depleted military.  This is an impressive list of accomplishments for a first term.

Biden is just another globalist who will resume appeasing the New World Order.  He voted for the war in Iraq.  The Islamic Caliphate rose to dominance in the Middle East on his watch with Obama.  China rose to dominance on the world stage on his watch.  The U.S. became submissive to extranational organizations like the United Nations on his watch.  Our military forces were depleted on his watch.  His approach was closer to America Last than America First.

But the most dangerous threat to our security from a Biden administration is on the home front.  The Democrats have emboldened anti-American forces within our borders to lay siege to our cities, our citizens, and our institutions.  They lionize violent organizations like Antifa and BLM while calling to defund the police.  They are less interested in protecting our lives and our property than they are in pursuing their Leftist agenda by any means necessary.  In their alternate universe, it is okay for rioters and looters to wreak havoc and avoid punishment while police officers are vilified and charged with crimes.  It is illegal for business owners to reopen their shops, but it is okay for “protesters” to burn them down.  Biden supports abolishing cash bail and releasing 400,000 criminals into our communities, all for political gain.  If that isn’t alarming enough, he implied in a public speech on 8/31/20 that more violence will come if President Trump is re-elected.  Is that a threat on behalf of your Leftist cohorts, Joe?

The mayhem and violence is centered in Democrat-run cities – at least for now.  If we turn the keys to the entire government over to the Democrats, prepare for mayhem and violence in every neighborhood.  Don’t bother trying to call the police.  You will just get a recording in a defunded precinct.  Or maybe your call will get redirected to a social worker who will tell you it’s all your fault.


Reason #9: Drive a Stake into the Heart of the Deep State

Obama had eight years to seed the administrative apparatus of the federal government with like-minded career bureaucrats.  This Fourth Branch of government now does most of the detailed rule making, monitoring, and regulating in our country.  It has a far bigger impact on our families and businesses than the Founders ever envisioned.  It is yet another institution in our society infested with Leftist activists seeking to subvert our traditions and to replace free-market capitalism with a crony network of complicit big corporations and elitist bureaucrats.  That is the same complicity that facilitated the rise of National Socialism in Hitler’s Germany.

If Biden wins the election and takes control of this Fourth Branch, his radical handlers will resume Obama’s strategy to fill it with leftist allies.  It will be an open invitation for the Big Tech companies and the Big Banks to finish their monopolistic alliance with the Administrative State.  The small businessperson and the average family will be powerless against this venal confederacy that is unaccountable to voters.  The Big Tech companies will control the metadata, the Big Banks will control the flow of money, the Big Bureaucracy will write the rules for everyone, and Big Media will hide the deepening complicity with disinformation and fake news.  This arrangement will most assuredly favor the Elites and not the common person.  Social credit scores, embedded tracking chips, and 24/7 data harvesting in a completely digital world will make American citizens as captive to the whims of their government as the Chinese people are to the communist overlords today.

The Administrative State sees President Trump as a mortal enemy.  The Big Tech companies see him as a mortal enemy.  The Big Banks see him as a mortal enemy.  Big Media sees him as a mortal enemy.  The Chinese see him as a mortal enemy.  This confederacy against President Trump should be a clear indication that he is the ally of the common working person in America.  It is also a strong hint that he is closing in on a cesspool of corruption.  It is vital that Trump be re-elected to give him another four years to drain the swamp of these creatures who abetted the Democrats’ four-year effort to depose him.


Reason #10: Biden is a Poster Person for the Swamp Creatures

Joe Biden has mucked around in the Washington D.C. swamp longer than most Americans have been alive.  He was a U.S. Senator for 36 years, and Vice President for eight more.  With his polished crocodile grin, he is the poster person for the swamp creatures.

Most people would be hard pressed to list his accomplishments in those 44 years, largely because they are minimal.  It is safe to conclude from this that he has usually been a part of the problem and rarely a part of a solution.  If he couldn’t make a notable difference during 44 years of occupying two of the highest elected offices in the land, what credible case can he make that at age 78 he is finally ready to do something productive for America?

Those 44 years in the swamp have been good for Joe personally.  Despite living most of his adult life on government salaries, he is now rich and lives in a nice mansion.  This is not unusual for the hypocritical elites who lurk in the swamp.  The are willing to let cities burn to the ground, as long as they can go home to their toney home in the suburbs at night.  They are willing to disarm the rest of us and defund the police, as long as their personal security guards are well armed.  They oppose school choice for us, as long as they can send their children to a private prep school.  They want to open our borders to everyone, as long as they are secure in their walled communities.  They foist Obamacare on us, as long as they have their own private medical insurance.  You can be assured that if Biden is elected President, he will be immune from the impacts of his radical policies.  But you won’t be.

Not only did Joe do well for himself in the Swamp, some of his family members did well too.  His son Hunter earned $80,000 per month masquerading as a board member of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company.  What does Hunter know about the energy industry?  Nothing.  What connection does Hunter have with the Ukraine?  His father was assigned to help stabilize that country when he was Vice President.  The investment company Hunter worked for was awarded a $1.5 billion account from a Chinese firm.  What does Hunter know about investments in China?  Nothing.  What connection does Hunter have with China?  His father was assigned to help build relationships with that country when he was Vice President.  Coincidentally, the firms that Joe’s two brothers and his sister worked for also received sweetheart government deals during Joe’s Vice Presidency.

President Trump is not of the swamp.  He worked in private industry almost his entire career.  In true American form, he grew his wealth in business rather than government.  Even as President, he donates his $400,000 annual salary to various agencies.  Like Biden’s relatives, Trump’s children have done well.  Unlike Biden’s relatives, they have done well in private industry, not in government.

Joe’s only apparent superpower as a lifelong bureaucrat is self-enrichment.  It’s time for him to retire, because his one superpower is not helpful for the rest of us.  We can make that happen on 11/3/2020.


Reason #11: Covid-19

The Covid-19 virus has been a brutal challenge for America and the world.  The Left and their media allies have politicized the epidemic and attempted to lay all blame for it at the feet of Trump.  This tactic is consistent with their four-year effort to depose him.

Contrary to the mythology invented by the Left, President Trump’s administration has taken aggressive steps to address the crisis.  Unfortunately, his actions have been unfairly misrepresented, to the point where the Left’s inaccurate portrayal should be classified simply as lies.

President Trump cut off travel from China and then from Europe very early in the crisis.  The Left initially claimed that the virus was of little concern to America, so they vigorously condemned Trump’s bold action as xenophobia.  When the virus took root in America, his administration launched the largest mobilization of national resources since WWII, including invoking the Defense Production Act.  America now produces the world’s largest supply of ventilators, and we are insourcing the production of vital medical commodities from China to America. The Army Corps of Engineers built field hospitals around the country, and the Navy deployed hospital ships to both coasts.  We developed the largest and most advanced testing system in the world, and we have executed more tests than all of Europe combined.  We made $3 trillion of emergency funds available to struggling citizens and businesses.

We are also leveraging America’s scientific genius to rapidly develop the medical technology to attack the virus directly.  Promising treatments are emerging, including an antibody protocol called convalescent plasma.  Multiple companies are developing vaccines under an emergency program called Operation Warp Speed that is designed to rapidly approve effective vaccines and to get them to market quickly.  It is likely that we will have an effective vaccine by the end of 2020, which is miraculous.

As a result of these bold actions, our Covid-19 fatality rates have dropped 80% since April, and we now have one of the lowest case fatality rates among the major nations.

Most of the tragic failures in our Covid-19 response were the responsibility of local governments, primarily in cities and states run by Democrats.  This helps explain why they are attempting to deflect the blame to Trump.  Nearly half of the Covid-19 fatalities occurred in assisted living facilities for the elderly, often after state and local authorities forced these facilities to accept Covid-infected patients.  The Democrats also allowed protests and riots to rampage for months in their crowded cities.  The Democratic “science believers” apparently think that large, uncontrolled crowds in dense urban areas can’t spread the virus, but churchgoers can.

What would Biden have done differently?  It’s hard to tell, because he spent most of the crisis hiding in his basement.  He did say during a recent interview that if there is another wave of the virus, as President he would shut down the country.  That’s not a solution, Joe.  It’s just destruction of more jobs, more businesses, more lives, and more wealth.  It’s just ignorance of the science that the virus is a grave threat to only a small segment of our society – the elderly who have co-morbidities.  It’s just ignorance of the science that school children are three times more likely to die from the seasonal flu than from Covid-19.  Biden’s approach is just a crude form of panic-driven surrender – everyone quick hide, just like Joe did!



President Trump is admittedly crude and ineloquent far too often.  This is certainly a concern for many Americans, especially since he is the leader of our nation.  It is certainly a concern of mine.  I would respect him more if he inactivated his Twitter account.

But we don’t get to pick from a detailed menu of perfect characteristics when we select our leader.  It is a package deal, for better or for worse.  When I evaluate the flaws in Trump’s character, personality, and communication style in comparison to his accomplishments, his courage, and his vision for America, the issue is resolved for me.  I want Donald Trump to lead our nation as President.

The country is being steam-rolled by a Leftist confederacy that includes the Democratic Party, the Administrative State, satellite organizations like Antifa and BLM, the mainstream media, the public schools, and the cultural Elites.  President Trump has resoundingly proven that he is willing and able to confront this confederacy and call it out for what it truly is.  He has legions of supporters, but if he is no longer President, the Left will win the day.  Biden does not have the energy, the proper vision, or the courage to stand up to the Left.  He is a complicit 44-year part of the problem.  He is not the solution.

Trump’s message resonates with the vast stretch of country between the two coasts.  This great expanse of flyover country grows most of our food, manufactures most of our products, and produces most of our energy.  When you examine the 2016 presidential election results by precinct rather than by state, the map of the country is almost entirely Republican Red.  The great extent of the country still embraces hard work, the U.S. Constitution, and our traditional institutions.

It is mostly the densely populated urban areas, where the elites, bankers, and academics live, that is very deep Democratic Blue.  These isolated islands in our vast country embrace an elitist and often radical vision of control and domination over the rest of us.  If you sometimes wonder what value these wealthy Elites in their urban enclaves bring to our nation, you are not alone.  One thing is certain, though.  They want to give orders to the hard-working people who produce everything that the Elites consume.

The divide in America is not racial.  It is geographic, ideological, and economic.  Trump is on the correct side of that divide.  He is the champion of the working men and women in the flyover states who make productive things happen in this country.  Biden is on the wrong side.  He is the champion of the Elites who make destructive things happen in this country.

Millions of Americans work hard every day, love their neighbors, and respect our traditions.  They are tired of being called racist, stupid, anti-science, unjust, and deplorable by the Elites.  The brutal truth is that if these hard-working people disappeared, so would the elitist cities in America.  The inverse is not true.

Donald Trump is on the side of millions of decent people who simply want to be left alone by the nanny state.  Joe Biden is on the side of the Elites, the Marxists, the rioters, and everyone else in the nanny state who have declared war on the middle class, the taxpayers, the police, and the workers.

This election will decide who we are as a nation.

How you vote will say a lot about who you are.


This article was written by James Keena, author of the gripping, thought-provoking novel “2084: American Apocalypse”.  Kindle and paperback versions of this extraordinary book are available on Amazon just by clicking on

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