It’s “Do or Die” Time for the Republican Party.

The Supreme Court vacancy created by the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg gives the Republican Party a final opportunity to prove that they are not just another duplicitous face of a one-party system that dominates Washington, DC.  This is a chance for them to prove that they are not complicit in the elitist cabal that teases conservative voters with the cruel illusion that they have real leaders committed to conservative values.  This is a chance for them to prove that they might actually have spines.

The situation is crystal clear.  The Constitution is unambiguously on their side in this matter.  The President, a Republican, has the undisputed authority to nominate a replacement for RBG.  The Senate, with a Republican majority, has the undisputed authority to consent to that nomination.  Zero Democratic Party support is required for this.  It is completely in the hands of the Republican Party.  There can be no excuses.

There will certainly be political headwinds, but I don’t care.  I’ve been looking to the Republican Party for true conservative leadership for the past decade, and they’ve let me down time and time again.  “Repeal and Replace” of Obamacare never happened, despite the party having control of the Presidency, the House, and the Senate at the time.  Washington keeps spending more and more, despite the party’s limited-government platform.  If the Republicans fail to fill RBG’s seat with a conservative judge, it will be the final proof that they are unwilling or unable to keep the federal government out of my life and my wallet.

If they can’t do that, then I have no other reason to vote for them.  And I won’t.

(Written by James Keena, author of “2084: American Apocalypse.  Explore more at