we’ve been had

A warning for the American Middle Class

we’ve been had

We’ve Been Had is a wakeup call for the American middle class.  It’s a hard-hitting connection of the dots between Obama’s radical history, his extremist relationships, and the revolutionary “changes” occurring today.  The policies of Obama and the other extremists in Washington will decimate the middle class with unsustainable debt, crushing taxes, economic stagnation, and government intrusion into private affairs.  Middle class Americans are beginning to comprehend the mistake they made by electing Barack Obama as President, resulting in an explosion of grass roots activism.  This book is not only fuel for the fire, it fully explains why the limited-government movement must succeed.

Endorsements for

we’ve been had

“Keena has provided readers with an exhaustive compendium of the documented facts of Obama’s Marxist education, training, and personal associations with radicals.  We’ve Been Had should be read by everyone in the U.S. who has the legal right to vote. At this stage in history, voters cannot afford to be ignorant. This book should be required reading for every high school senior, and all college students, in the U.S. to ensure they are exposed to a balanced knowledge of Obama and his real political philosophy.”

Dr. Gene Lebrenz, Emeritus Professor of Economics, and Emeritus Professor of

Business Administration, at Florida Southern College

“James Keena has done a superb job of reconstructing Barack Obama’s carefully obscured past and documenting his network of radical connections.  The result is an unsettling, detailed portrait of the first anti-American President.”

Scott Swett, author of To Set the Record Straight:  How Swift Boat Veterans, POWs and the New Media Defeated John Kerry

“I can’t recommend the book enough myself.  I was privileged to be invited by James to write a foreword for the book.  People will only become engaged when they understand the consequences, when they know full well what’s at stake.  If enough information can get into enough hands, quickly enough, America will have a fighting chance.  Jim Keena’s book is a valuable contribution to that cause.”

Trevor Loudon, author of Barack Obama and the Enemies Within

“Keena has produced a book that will be an indispensable reference for future generations’ research into Obama.  We’ve Been Had is comprehensively researched, masterfully organized, and fluently written.  It should be shared especially with young Americans, political independents, and swing voters so that they understand the ideological underpinnings and radical political agenda of Obama and his fellow ‘progressives’.  It’s an excellent and amazingly breezy read.”

Mark Hendrickson, American Thinker

Reviews of

we’ve been had

 “Fantastic read. I read it in one day and couldn’t put it down. I am reading it a second time because everything that is mentioned connects the dots and explains how and why he got into power. I will never take our national security or our freedoms for granted again.”

Tammy on Amazon

“I believe ‘We’ve Been Had’ to be one of the most important books of the decade. To know Saul Alinsky and his blueprint for radical socialist, communist revolution in America is to know Barack Obama.”

Macdaddy on Amazon

“The book is an amazing encylopedic study of Obama and the movement of radicals that put him in power. I was particularly interested in the chapters on George Soros and the Ayers family. I was surprised to learn how entangled Obama was with the Ayers family since his college days. The story runs far deeper than anything I’ve heard reported on by any media outlet. The history lesson about George Soros is very eye opening. Every American needs to be educated about this man and his power not only to control elections but also to bring about economic collapse in countries around the world. This book should be required reading in our nations’ high schools.”

Christy on Amazon

“This is a must read for everyone who is voting in the upcoming elections. Keena takes you on a beginning to end view of the political dilemma we are in because we unknowingly elected a radical leftist who is on a mission to destroy our existing freedoms by collapsing our present governmental system. He is anti-the real hope and change we believed he would bring. Instead, this change is brilliantly subverted into a Marxist, Socialist form of government which enslaves its people like Chavez, Castro, Stalin, Mao, etc. He has perverted the term Social Justice from helping the poor, to using the term to enslave the middle-class. Read about Saul Alinsky’s Plan to infiltrate our communities, churches, and local organizations to use them to spread his agenda, George Soros’ money to select and groom a charismatic presidential candidate to dupe the nation and movements like the Black Panthers, Students for a Democratic Society,(SDS,) the unions and Louis Farrakhan to strong arm the public into accepting their agenda. Read how those who do not believe what the government espouses are marginalized, ridiculed, and polarized. Meet the Socialists among us, surrounding the president and how radical Islam ties into to all of it. Then read about what your future entails if you go along with this mania. You won’t be able to put it down. It’s worth the price.”

Dolores on Amazon

“I couldn’t put this book down! Every American deserves to know the truth of what is happening in our Government and James Keena delivers that in this book. This is a book of facts, not just another composition of an author’s opinions. Keena has successfully brought together the most powerful people and organizations who have systematically worked decades to destroy America in a compact, easy to read format. He helps us to see the “big picture”. There are pages of endnotes to encourage the reader to do their own factual research. I highly recommend this book for everyone especially young people.”

Roxie on Amazon

“This book is a must-read antidote to the one-sided perspective of the mainstream media. Thoroughly researched and well-documented, the author is careful to state when he is making conjecture, or drawing conclusions that are his own opinion. But the documented facts speak clearly for themselves.
I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for answers to the question ‘who is the real Barack Obama?’”

Jams on Amazon