insurrection resurrection

 A Novel of Political and Religious Satire

insurrection resurrection

Man is born free, yet is everywhere in chains.  How did this happen? Insurrection Resurrection provides the answer.  In this dark and biting satire, founding father Thomas Jefferson mysteriously appears in modern America to incite a second American Revolution after a scathing review of contemporary politics.  It is a tale of Alice in Wonderland surrealism, Catch-22 farce, and Atlas Shrugged philosophical controversy.

Reader reviews of

insurrection resurrection

“I just read Insurrection Resurrection, and strangely most of what this self-professed radical patriot thought might happen, has in fact happened in the past ten years.

To wit:
* Wars for the purpose of wars.
* Federal Government getting bigger solely for the purpose of getting bigger.
* Elected Representatives in government only interested in re-election
* New rules which only benefit keeping employment for rules makers.

And what was wholly unexpected was the amount of times I found myself laughing out loud while reading it. Especially the seven-page Paper Clip procurement sidebar which very well might be the most ludicrously funny thing I’ve ever read.

As others have mentioned, it is anti-politically correct, anti-organized religion yet also anti-atheist, anti-war, at times preachy and mostly extremely libertarian.

Actually its very Tea Party-ish. But the Tea Party wasn’t even an idea until Rick Santelli’s CNBC rant in early 2009 and this came out before then.  Unfortunately, our leaders then did exactly what this book said that career politicians (represented in this book by the Head Honcho) always did. Throw American lives at an unwinnable problem for their own political gain.

I highly recommend everyone reads this book. It’s a brilliant eye-opener.


Kelley on Amazon

“This book may be the most brilliant dark satire since Heller’s Catch-22.  When I was reading it, I laughed out loud so frequently that my wife became concerned.  It’s a must-read.

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