2084: american Apocalypse

A novel of mystery, civil war, epic quests, and the future of America

2084: american Apocalypse

Desperate parents race to rescue their two kidnapped children on a perilous chase across a country at war with itself.  They get unexpected help from a heroic band of diverse gypsies led by an elderly sage and his adopted daughter, a dauntless young woman with a horrifying past.  They encounter sinister, violent factions controlled by a shadowy international cabal that is seeking to destroy a mysterious society of avenging rebels led by a daring visionary.  The family’s saga becomes a startling, twisting, gut-wrenching intrigue of tragedy and treachery that draws their friends and foes into an epic confrontation.  It climaxes with an apocalyptic decision that will determine the fate of an apocalyptic world.

Kirkus Reviews has this to say:  “Well-constructed, clever libertarian/conservative dystopian SF action…The title begs comparison to George Orwell’s magisterial Nineteen Eight-Four.  Orwell’s style is staid compared with Keena’s regular action-combat sequences practically spilling off the page…”

Welcome to America in the year 2084 and a timeless tale of social and political turmoil, personal epiphanies about the meaning of life, and the real possibility of hope for the future.

Interview with James Keena, author of

2084: American Apocalypse

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2084: american Apocalypse

“I couldn’t put it down!  It’s excellent.  To those who haven’t read it, you’re in for a treat.  The author weaves excellent treatises on freedom, individual sovereignty, and libertarian philosophy into a compelling ‘never-gets-boring’ mystery adventure that drives the reader forward. The author really has a potential classic here.”

~Thayrone X, host of WAAM radio’s “On the Edge” 

Reviews of

2084: Apocalypse

“There is some really good writing here.  I really like the premise: using an action-adventure-mystery-quest plot set in a dystopian future to highlight some of the greatest thinking from the past. A dystopian future is the perfect setting in which to show through the human condition the validity of certain philosophical, political, and religious thoughts. Chaos and hard times have a tendency to bring clarity.  I love that idea.  And Mr. Keena is an excellent writer who can paint vivid images with prose.”

~Brian A., literary reviewer

“Great read.  A well written , action filled novel with loads of philosophy thrown in. One gets caught up in the lives of the characters. The necessity of deep thinking and soul searching is real.” 

~Irene W., Amazon reviewer

“Insightful.  Poignant.  Riveting. For anyone not yet convinced of the dangers to civil society posed by divisive “isms” and ideologies, including religious dogma and the murderous results of forsaking the sovereignty of the individual, this book is a must read. Keena calls into question the notion that our society simply swings like a pendulum between the political right and political left. He makes the case that allegiance to either faction will eventually lead to tyranny, oppression and death. And the antidote starts with a true understanding that entropy is always fought at the individual level. No one can escape that responsibility; to do otherwise unfairly burdens others with your obligation. Karma is not a cosmic boomerang, but a rather our actions are like seeds that either bear good fruit or poisons the tree. And the bonds made between individuals, families and friends cannot be scaled to apply to millions of strangers.

The only way to ensure the reproducibility of peaceful collaboration on a large scale is for society to be based on the principle that the only just law is one that protects individual sanctity and does not tolerate coercion. We should not coerce or allow ourselves or others to be coerced. Inspiring!”

~Robert N., Amazon reviewer

”Thrilling read. Deep, action-packed thriller with unexpected twists that fit in place perfectly. This book will open your eyes. Thank you Jim for your emotional vision about the impact of today’s events on the generations to come. I had to finish. This book should be a movie!

~Deb B., Amazon reviewer

“Chilling, exciting, and thought provoking. This is is an excellent read! A political mystery that you can’t put down – a very compelling read. James Keena’s vision of the future is alarming, and very accurate. Definitely looking forward to future books by James Keena.”

~ Amazon reviewer

“Must read!  This thought-provoking novel couldn’t be more timely.  Regardless of political or social perspective, Keena demands that readers explore their beliefs as they apply in complex situations.  A compelling story with intelligent prose!”

~Christine S., Amazon reviewer

“A thought-provoking mystery novel that challenges the reader every chapter. The twists and turns throughout the characters’ journey carry the reader through an unrecognizable future America that at times is bleak but ultimately provides hope that the individual will not be overrun. The author puts forward an intriguing story that reaches a crescendo in the final act. The powerful final chapters leave me highly anticipating the second book in this series.”

~Patrick K., Amazon reviewer

“A must read. Extremely entertaining plus thought provoking. Makes one consider where America could be heading as we look at current events. It may also prompt some self-reflection.”

~Ron H., Amazon reviewer

”Entertaining and enlightening. It’s a tall order to combine a serious discussion of philosophy and politics with an engaging fictional narrative, but James does it as well as anyone. I’m eagerly anticipating the next books in the series!

~Jimmy K., Amazon reviewer

“Thought-provoking!  This is truly a thought-provoking novel with interesting characters who are portrayed in the year 2084 after government oppression threatens their very livelihood and challenges them to find out who and what they are willing to fight for. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series! Thanks James for your insights.

~Peggy L., Amazon reviewer

“A great read by a very intelligent man ! Keeps your interest all the way through and that says a lot because I usually do not finish books for months at a time. Keep writing Jim as it looks like you were meant to do so!”

~Craig P., Amazon reviewer

“This book will impact how you think about the future of America.  The book has plenty of action but provides some thoughtful philosophical musings throughout.  It was overall a great read and I look forward to his next book.”

~Baileydog, Amazon reviewer
“What an epic story! Excellent plot and characters. Unpredictable. Filled with wisdom. This is a timely book to read in 2021. True individuals and lovers of freedom will enjoy this book. I couldn’t put it down.  Destined to be a best seller!”
~Celestra Cassidyne-Hook, Amazon Reviewer