About james keena

 Author, Educator, and Champion of Freedom

I’m James Keena

This website is a collection of my thoughts, writings, and public appearances.  I typically explore topics that challenge my own thinking and broaden my own intellectual horizons.  Hopefully, my words challenge readers to expand their intellectual horizons too.  The topics I write about include philosophy, the meaning of life, economics, and politics.  I learn a lot about myself and the world as I write, and I hope that you discover new things as you explore my work.

I’m an author, educator, and activist committed to defending individual freedom.  I frequently speak at town hall meetings and seminars.  My mission is to inspire, educate, and challenge my audiences.

I’ve written three books:

You can read excerpts from each if you click on the hotlinks above.

Prior to my career as an author and speaker, I was a C-level executive in the computer and automotive industries.  I graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Economics from the University of Detroit.  I’m married with eight children and 20 grandchildren.  I stay active by reading, writing, speaking, and participating in hiking, kayaking, cycling, basketball, football, and hockey.