The meaning of love I have sought forever,

Here is what Fate has helped me discover.


Love is a sacrifice, a giving without measure,

That magically becomes an emotional treasure.


Love is a choice to see beauty and perfection,

No matter the blemishes of my special person.


Love is that deep and breathless anticipation,

Of looking into your eyes, my gates to heaven.


Love is knowing that among all the stars in the sky,

There is one especially twinkling for you and I.


Love is a sacred trust held tenderly in my palm,

An eternal shield protecting the other from harm.


Love is believing and affirming and inspiring,

A lifelong wellspring of support and nurturing.


Love is that painful push out of life’s cozy nest,

Seeding a spirit who can soar above fear’s test.


Love gives meaning to life as a motive force,

That intertwines two souls into a single course.


Love is that unique, spontaneous connection,

Without which life is an empty, cruel deception.


Love is that piercing stab that knifes my heart,

When the time comes for my other half to part.


Love is a hug and a kiss that never ends,

When time stops and the world suspends.


Love is that comfortable and carefree silliness,

A contagion of childlike giggles and playfulness.


I always thought of myself as wise and knowing,

Seeing and understanding and always growing;

But I was taught this meaning of love I never knew,

When Fate intervened and I fell in love with you.