A whisper of a song tickled my ears today

A fleeting song, a growing song, a song that turned to flame

A song that tugged and pulled and swept me away

A haunting song, a siren song, a song in need of a name


I heard the gentle-fingered tinkling of ivory keys

A refrain of beauty inspired by inner purity

A vision of female perfection soaring above the seas

Like a blue-eyed Venus or a golden-haired Aphrodite


I was aroused by the lure of a saxophone

A sensuous aural ripple wild and reckless

A tidal wave of hot passion in every tone

Blue-flamed notes that seared my consciousness


The song came alive with a heart-stopping back-beat

Drumming to life an acrobatic dancer in my mind’s eye

An erupting, pounding, animated, choreographic athlete

Lithe as a cheetah, ferocious as a tiger, able to fly


Then arrogant trombones blared their haughty disdain

Launching a volley steeped in arrogant boldness

Like a hateful slap, an icy stare, a wish for pain

Ripping me up with toughness shrouding tenderness


But the tune remembered itself and quickly changed scenes

Back to a concerto of joy,  a celebration of life’s glee

The clicking of castanets and the jangling of tambourines

Resurrecting meaning, with delightful frolic and gaiety


From these sounds of joy emerged a greater sense

Of the resonant hum of a violin, of unbounded love

A big-hearted embrace of the world and its goodness

A forgiving sound, a caring sound, a coo of a dove


The song started to wane as a penny whistle did trill

Playful, skipping chords that evoked the child in me

Wondrous and curious, revealing life’s hidden thrill

Untainted and clean; the way I always wanted to be


Thoughtful, sublime sounds plucked from guitar strings

A mood of introspection, a song finally discovering itself

A choice to be simple; bliss that only innocence brings

Fate and destiny beckoned; yet restraint conquered self


And then the song ended in the last breath of a flute

A final mournful measure born on the wings of a butterfly

Neither here nor there, but always a-flutter

Enigmatic and confused, it flitted away forever


The song was gone, yet it had moved me like none other

It soared and plummeted like a timeless melody

A priceless, mesmerizing composition of elegance and power

This whisper of a song begged a name, so I named it “Audrey”