An ominous day of reckoning nears for America as a result of the ongoing election chaos.

Distant thunder rumbles inside dark clouds looming on the political horizon.

Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of American Independence, “…when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their (the people’s) right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government….”

When Jefferson and his fellow patriots eventually met their day of reckoning, they did what free people must, not only for themselves, but for their posterity.

In the Declaration, Jefferson bemoaned a long train of abuses by the British government in the 18th Century.  The heavy hand of the British Empire was indeed despotic, and revolution was the proper remedy.  We are suffering under our own long train of abuses in the 21st Century.  We will soon have to pick the proper remedy.

The last four years alone have produced undeniable evidence of an Elitist/Deep State cabal that is running amok.  It is violating the precepts of our Constitution and eroding the foundation of trust in our civil society.  From the moment that Donald Trump was voted President-Elect in 2016, the Elitists escalated their long-running assault on our Constitutional Republic into a Cold Civil War.  President Trump brazenly defied the Elites by siding with common people.  That was intolerable to the Elites, so they resorted to a four-year attempted coup to remove a duly elected president without the sanction of voters.

The litany of abuses during the attempted coup by the Elitists is blood-curdling.  In 2016, the Obama administration illegally used the intelligence apparatus of the federal government to spy on candidate Trump and his staff.  A phony conspiracy theory emerged from this illegal surveillance, falsely claiming that Russia colluded with the Trump team to interfere in the 2016 election.  This witch hunt, which traumatized America’s political landscape during the two-year Muller investigation, was a hoax.  Then the Elites launched a politically motivated impeachment over a Trump phone call, largely to cover up a self-enrichment scheme in the Ukraine by Joe Biden and his family.  In 2020, the Elites leveraged the Covid-19 medical crisis to drive inordinate fear and angst into Americans.  They also used the Covid-19 crisis to crash the economy with widespread shutdowns in order to destroy Trump’s signature achievement of record-breaking prosperity for all races and classes.  They portrayed President Trump as the remorseless murderer of two hundred thousand people.  Later in 2020, the Elites instigated a virtual race war of riots and destruction in urban areas controlled by state and local Democratic leaders.  Big Tech and Big Media fanned this civil unrest in order to impugn the character and motivation of all white people and their “white nationalist leader”, who still managed to receive the biggest share of minority votes of any Republican candidate in the past half century.  Big Tech and Big Media muzzled conservative voices in the months before the election, censoring their political messaging on mainstream and social media.  Then the integrity of the 2020 election was undermined by tens of millions of blank ballots that were mailed without proper chain of custody to unvetted addresses and people around the country.  Finally, the pre-election polling was inaccurately skewed so far to the left that it was unmistakably an effort by the Elites to suppress conservative voter turnout and campaign contributions.   The massive “blue wave” that the polls predicted would sweep all over America never happened.  Instead, the Republicans held the Senate, gained seats in the House, gained seats in the state legislatures, and are still contesting the Presidency.

Election Day itself became an Orwellian farce when an apparent Trump landslide in the late evening magically evaporated during the dark of night.  Mysterious torrents of pro-Biden votes poured in during the graveyard shift that night.  Precincts reported “electronic glitches”, “software problems”, “clerical errors”, and “water main breaks”.  There were reports of “curing of ballots”, bundles of “harvested votes” showing up long after the polls were closed, and hundreds of thousands of votes with just the “Biden” oval filled in and with no down-ballot selections.  There was evidence of dead people voting, military votes being tossed in trash cans, and double-counting of mail-in and in-person votes due to redundant voter logs.  There were significant statistical anomalies when comparing the actual vote to historical voting patterns.  Republican poll watchers were systematically prevented from closely observing the tabulating process.

The entire graveyard shift on election night was orchestrated like a time-tested maneuver by the Chicago Machine – wait until all of the precincts in outlying areas report their final results, figure out from there how many votes you need to win, and then do whatever chicanery is necessary for victory in a few big urban precincts that stay open during the dark of night.  Sure enough, at roughly 10 PM on election night, certain large urban precincts in battleground states stopped counting.  They didn’t start counting again until deep into the night when oversight fell off dramatically and when torrents of Biden votes began materializing.  The result?  Joe Biden, perhaps the least inspiring and least visible presidential candidate ever, “received” the most votes in American history, many millions more than even charismatic Barack Obama did in 2012 when Biden was the VP candidate on the ticket.

This suspected fraud is just further evidence that a Cold Civil War is under way.  Unfortunately, only one side is fully engaged in this conflict.  The Left is fully engaged in lying, subterfuge, censorship, disinformation, domestic spying, and political guerilla warfare.  The Right still clings to the forlorn belief that our Constitution still means something, that its attendant rule of law is actually being obeyed, and that fairness and integrity are still possible in our political system.

The storm clouds on the horizon suggest otherwise.  The storm clouds suggest that the Constitution is now just an obsolete parchment shorn of its power by Elitist disdain and maneuvering.  The storm clouds suggest that elections are now just illusory exercises to fool voters into believing that if they dutifully fill in ovals on a ballot once every four years, they are somehow influencing the vast, venal, subterranean political process.

The Right is trying to play by the rules of our Constitutional Republic, but the Left is playing by the rules of radicals like Saul Alinsky.  It isn’t a fair fight, because all of the Elites — Big Media, Big Tech, Big Finance, Big Pharma, the Deep State, the public education monopoly, Soros’ seditious Shadow Party, the cultural icons, and far too many quislings in the Republican Party and on Fox News — are on their side.  The Right is essentially playing by the Left’s rules in a game controlled by the Left.  As Stalin observed, it is not so much who votes, but who counts the votes.  The America of our parents and grandparents is evaporating like a wisp of chimney smoke on a cold winter night.

I fully support those relentless and courageous patriots who are soldiering on to challenge the results of this election.  Transparency demands that the actual physical ballots in the six contested battleground states be manually recounted and validated against legal registrations and signatures under proper oversight by both parties.

So let their valiant efforts play out to make sure that every legal vote is counted, and that the illegal ones are not.  My fear, however, is that since the game is rigged, the proper recounts will not occur, and the Elites (including many timid Republican quislings) will embrace a Biden presidency.

If the Electoral College certifies Biden’s victory on December 14th without a serious effort to investigate the obvious irregularities in this election, it’s time for us to choose a different path.  For the record, I do not consider allowing the Leftists to continue subverting our Constitutional Republic an option.  Nor do I consider continuing to play by the Left’s rules an option either.

If indeed this election was fraudulent, and if indeed the Elites choose to declare Biden the victor anyway, and if indeed our alleged representatives cower in fear as this happens, then we will edge dangerously close to losing our representative democracy, which is the keystone of our constitutional republic.  And since our current government is arguably bigger and more intrusive than the British government of 250 years ago, the echoes of a potent revolutionary rallying cry will be resurrected:  “No taxation without representation”.  How can the common people who are the backbone of this country hold any hope of representation if the game is rigged in favor of the powerful Elites?

Jefferson left us the blueprint of what to do in such situations.  He also reminded us, as sovereign individuals, of our moral authority to act according to that blueprint.

Will you be ready when the day of reckoning comes?  Think hard.

(Written by James Keena, author of the riveting new novel “2084: American Apocalypse.  Discover more of his works at