James Keena

“Neither coerce nor be coerced”

My writings are dedicated to expositions about life and how humans relate to each other and to the universe that they live in.

I believe that Truth is not the exclusive domain of any political or religious philosophy. While every philosophy may contain pearls of truth and wisdom, they also contain elements of unconscious dogma that can constrain free inquiry.

Truth exists independent of all social organizations. It permeates all of creation, and is unbounded by leaders or creeds. Unfortunately, it can be clouded by exalting a messiah or genuflecting to an “ism.”  All knowledge is provisional, and is subject to further discovery and refinement.

The pursuit of Truth is a difficult and lifelong challenge. We are all intellectual captives of our cultures, our histories, our churches, our nations, and our fears. Breaking free from this conformity requires the courage to stand apart from the conditioning of all of society.

This journey is both exhilarating and terrifying. Please join me in wandering into this Pathless Land.

2084: American Apocalypse

In a post-apocalyptic world, desperate parents race against the clock to save the lives of their two children abducted by a shadowy international society. Their mission takes a pivotal turn when they accept help from a band of gypsies, an elderly sage, and a young woman with a horrifying past—but nothing can prepare them for the decisions they must make as the fate of an apocalyptic world hangs in the balance. 








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